Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Long distance hiking/ ultra running / fastpacking clinic 3

Drifter A/C

Fore Runner Evo

Tsali 3.0

Holy Grail Shoes:

New Balance MT 100's

Saucony Exodus
Beware- this link is to the "improved/ revised version"

Saucony Pro Grid Guide TR 3

Long Haul Runners (no longer in production)

Airius Bucket Hat (no longer in production)

Wild Rags

Cap 4 EW Beanie (no longer in production)

Moeben Arm Sleeves

Pearl Izumi Fly Short

Houdini Pants
Beware - this link is to the "improved/ revised version"

Hammer Nutrition Running Singlet

Airius T (no longer in production)

S/S Airflow Shirt (no longer in production)


Rainshadow (no longer in production)

Torrentshell P/O

Light Flyer Jacket

Chrome Dome Umbrella

Integral Designs Silcoat Cape (no longer in production)

Mountain Laurel Designs Silnylon Pro Poncho

Montbell UL Wind Jacket (no longer in production)

Specter P/O (no longer in production)

Spraymaster Pants (no longer in production)

Montbell Outpace Parka (no longer in production)

Traverse Full Zip Jacket

Cap 4 EW
This link is for the new version of the old R.5.  Believe it or not having used the new Polartec fabric I am more than impressed.  So this revision is a good one.  The one I am talking about in this clinic is an older version that I didn't care for.

Nano Vest

Nano P/O

Ultra Light Down Hoody

Montbell UL Down Hoody

Montbell UL Down Pants

Montbell UL Down Vest (no longer in production)

Patagonia Ultralight Down Shirt (no longer in production)

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  1. I truly enjoy all my Patagonia clothes and goodies!!! Yeah, thanks Adam!!

  2. weight weenies! love it!

    i sure hate it when shoe companies ruin a perfectly good shoe. I get Saucony cohesions most of the time and version 7 changed the overlays so my one pinky toe rests right at a junction point. it hasn't caused any issues yet but i'm not sure how it'll feel 5+ hours into a walk.

  3. Wow! Is there anything you didn't think of? I love that you thought on how to improve every possible scenario. Awesome!

  4. It was very informative ad intriquing video

  5. Thanks Krud. Excellent videos and a rich resource for all the trail lovers putting together or tweaking their kits.

  6. Hey thanks for checking out the vids! I appreciate it. I have always appreciated your thoughts to Comet! Kevin sounds like we are on the same page with the Saucony shoes. I also appreciate you sharing the tweets. For some of the new folks to never came back thanks again for checking out the vid.