Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hoole River

Slept in again! Up at 8 AM and stumbled over the visitor center for coffee. Had nice visit with Jackie who is a local artist and runs the visitor center. Back to camp for breakfast and pack. It wasn't until 11 AM before I was on the move. I went back to the visitor center first to say goodbye to Jackie and she gave me a nice card of hers that she made. The other woman visiting with her gave me a scone too! I ate it later in the day for a snack. 

Real pretty riding today. Took some photos at La Pie Canyon. After the Turn off to Ross River the road got a little rougher. I also passed the turn out for the Canol Road which by the looks of it I will have to ride someday. 

Hardly anyone on the highway after Ross River. I saw quite a few critters and real nice views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Called it a day at Hooley River/Pelly River. Tried my luck at fishing again but was skunked. Had excellent dinner of potato burritos.


  1. Sure is pretty country up there. Looks like you are having a great time.


  2. I sure was and that was some of the loneliest dirt roads I have ever pedaled!