Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chicken, AK

Up a little after 6 AM and it looked like it was going to rain. I was hungry so back to fast Freddy's for breakfast. After breakfast it was raining good. So I did the delicate dance of packing up 11 days worth of my food and gear while trying to stay as dry as possible. 10 AM found me on the road pedaling 13 miles more of ALCAN to the Top pf the World HWY. 

Once on the Taylor highway it was cool to think that I won't be retracing any of my northbound route until John Day Oregon on highway 395. It felt good to have nothing but new route ahead of me.

I realized quickly the Taylor Highway was going to be much like the Dalton. It either goes up or down, no traversing or flat. The grades are gentler though and the climbs not as sustained. Around 2 PM it stopped raining so I switched out of my rain gear. I managed to dodge rain clouds all the rest of the day without needing to put the rain gear back on. At 4 PM I ran into some Alaskan Indian kids being stupid with their rifles. It looked like they were hunting from their car on the road with the weapons pointed across the highway so that oncoming traffic would be in the line of fire. I yelled at them to get their attention as I wasn't about to ride through. One kid put his gun down, but the other one kept it up. I yelled louder and he finally dropped his gun. Idiots! I was pretty let down by their behavior. 

On into Chicken where it downpoured until dark. A nice Swiss couple let me cook on their fire which saved me from cooking in the rain. I could hear owls calling as I drifted to sleep.

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  1. my parents went to Chicken, Alaska during their trip to Alaska and the Canadian provinces. it was very humorous to hear my dad tell about their experiences there.