Saturday, May 5, 2012

Made it over White Bird Pass

Made it over White Bird Pass and really enjoyed bombing down the backside with all the hairpin turns. I also was able to shoot some locals .338 with custom made rounds! Pretty rad day. Trying to snow off and on, but wind at my back as I head east.

Raddest day yet!  Rode out of town up old HWY 95, steep and slow.  Met two guys who let me shoot their .338 with custom rounds they loaded.  Pretty rad.  The descent off of White Bird Pass was a hoot while it tried to snow.  Same fun descents out Grangeville, ID.  Killer, long descent down to the Clearwater River.  I rode along this river to Kooskia, ID.  I picked up a bottle of wine there.  I even got to camp early and caught a large rainbow trout.  It was much too big for me to eat though, so I released it.  There was also a nice rainbow over the river at my camp.  The gods where surely with me today.

White Bird Pass and the Champ

White Bird Pass and the Champ

shooting a .338 with custom rounds

beautiful rifle

South Fork of the Clearwater River and the Champ

Clearwater River ... big rainbow in that eddy

camp for the night

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