Friday, May 4, 2012

this tour is all about the cinnamon rolls

I guess this tour is all about the cinnamon rolls. Man last night bombing down the pass outside Fruitvale it rained hard! I had a bomber camp though, slept warm/ dry.

Left Evergreen Campground in light rain heading to New Meadows, ID for another cinnamon roll and some hot cocoa.  There was fresh snow on the peaks.  Rode out of town with my warmies on.  Bumped down a cool canyon along the Little Salmon River.  When the canyon opened up I had to put my raingear back on.  There was a rodeo going on in Riggins, ID when I passed through.  There where several motorists that saw me days back and where blown away that I ride that far in a day.  I lucked out and got my first hotel of the trip at the White Bird Motel.  I was able to do laundry and dry all of my gear.  Even got to watch a little of the Giro D Italia on TV.

urban sprawl

White Bird Motel - sorry foggy shot


  1. Woohoo! you just pasted the Se7en Devils and high lakes galore! Wonder how much snow you're seeing up high on the mountains..?

    awesome to see your progress... enjoy Riggins today! :)


  2. Definitely did enjoy the ride the following day. Thanks for following along Matt!