Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bony ass dias from Frenchglen, OR

Bony ass dias from Frenchglen. Wind howling last night, now lo of 27*. John who runs the old hotel kindly let me set up on the lawn!

Coldest morning yet @ 28*.  Frost on the tarp, but I slept warm and cozy.  Rode all day until 11:AM before taking tights and all my warmies off.  Lucked out in Crane, OR at the highschool.  The shoolmaster let me do laundry and take a shower there.  I really needed to have clean bike shorts.  I cruised on from here to the small store in Buchanon.  I topped off all my water bottles here and had a quick snack.  I called it a day an hour early, but that worked out good as I was able to sleep in the gravel shed shed again.  I walked to the back of the shed and my campsite I had leveled from last fall was still there untouched.

my lean to against cattle fence, Frenchglen Hotel

White Faced Ibis  Dimond Craters, OR

Peter French Round Barn

The Champ and a cool canyon

The Champ just outside Buchanon, OR


  1. Some of the birds appear to be white faced ibis. Long, downcurved beak is unusual. See: http://identify.whatbird.com/obj/71/_/White-faced_Ibis.aspx
    Thanks for the blog! Karen S-B

  2. Thanks Karen! I updated the photo! Thanks for checking it out. I will get a journal entry up for each day of this trip, then vid shortly after the new year.