Thursday, May 3, 2012

Been riding in the rain all day!

Been riding in the rain all day! SKS longboard fenders rule! I stayed dry and comfy in my Pearl Izumi raingear too. Pretty happy to have a chance to test out my clothing system now before the cold/damp of BC/YT/AK.  In Council, ID. Headed up the road a few more miles to a campground.

Got an early start today in light rain.  As the morning progressed it began to rain harder and harder.  I was very comfortable in my rain kit though.  I stopped in Midvale, ID for a cinnamon roll and some coffee.  Best cinnamon roll so far too!  I rode on in the rain to Cambridge, ID.  I picked up my resupply and repacked it in the laundry mat.  I decided to keep biking as it was only noon.  It looked like it was going to stop raining, but it didn't.  I stopped in a ranchers hay barn to get rain gear on again.  It was even thundering a bit out.  I picked up beer and groceries in Council, ID.  I ended up riding on to Evergreen Campground.  I had to climb one more pass first and on the north side it rained in buckets.  I am happy my rain gear is neon yellow as I was very visible to vehicles and my SKS Longboard fenders kept my bike and me dry.  I set up a bomber camp in the closed campground.

a nice rancher allowed me to get my rain gear on in his hay barn

bomber camp @ Evergreen Campground next to the Weiser River


  1. keep up the great work Krud!! Awesome to see you progressing on the map. Esp like the cloud cover feature, very neat!

    Power on up white bird pass, its a doozy! incredible view looking to the east as you go up.. archetypal country!


  2. White Bird Pass was a doozy! I like riding down it better for sure!