Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BLC to the Bering Sea Live Tracker

Big news for the KRUD!  Above is my live map hosted by trackleaders.  Here is how this is going to work.  I have set up this post for September 1st of this year so it will always appear at the top of the page when you come to FSTPKR.  This will be home to tracking my progress along the route from my front door here in the BLC (Reno, NV) to the Bering Sea.  My satellite messenger has 3 functions I will be using to interact with this map.  Every morning I will send out my custom message with heads up that I am on the move again.  Then I will switch the messenger to tracking so it will show my progress in real time every 20 minutes.  I will leave this on all day except when I am lunching/ snacking or shopping or anything that involves me stopping for more than 20 minutes.  At the end of the day I will send out a check in ok message which is another default message to let all you fine FSTPKR comrades know that KRUD is in camp for the evening.  I highly recommend looking at the above map in satellite as you can actually see the roads/ trails and river I will be traversing.  There are all kinds of functions this map has though so definitely check it out.  These functions may be accessed by clicking on Map Layers.  There are three tabs here: Time Splits, Weather Conditions and Cloud Cover.  Time Splits turns the POI (points of interest) off and on and may be useful if your really trying to see where I am at.  I think it will get a little busy on there with all my tracking and the POI on at both times, but if you really zoom in it shouldn't be an issue.  You can also see cloud cover, temperature and the forecast for the day. I am really excited about this feature and to be using this on my trip.  I hope it makes it more interactive for you all at home and I am honored to take you along for the adventure in real time.


  1. hey krud, i'm keeping up with you. i met you at the 1 stop in rigging,id. you are my idol you are doing just what i have dreamed of doing all my life

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  3. Hello Anonymous,

    It was nice to meet you as well and thanks for following along on this adventure!