Monday, January 16, 2012


Been working long hours in my spare time on a film of Team Krud Monkey's adventure on the Grand Enchantment Trail this past spring.  The name of the film is GET UP TO GET DOWN!  I have put up a trailer of the film above to stoke the fire on this one.  I have over 6 hrs of footage to sift through... so consider the trailer the tip of the iceberg.  Who knows when I will get the film completed, I still need to get up the rest of my journal entries from the trip.  You can see what I have completed of the journal here.  Definitely turn this one up.  You can watch it in full screen mode at home, I recommend opening the film and letting it set until it completely loads on YouTube.  Then you can let it rip without any hiccups!  It also looks good in the normal size, but since it is HD you might still benefit from letting it load completely then watching it.  Make sure and turn it up, bang it!  That second song wasn't as loud as I hoped.

We got scorpions, cowboy music, elk, incredible scenery, old rust, antelope, fox, rattlesnakes, javelina, bear, desert bighorn, raptors, hummingbirds and much more...get your GET on!  Special thanks to my sponsors for supporting this film!  Also special thanks to Brett Tucker of Simblissity for putting together this excellent route!  By the way Brett makes the lightest wallets for fastpacking on the market, dig those here (go to travel wallets and click on Litefold T Line).  I have been rocking the same bright pink one since 2006.  I get plenty of comments on it.

Oh and by the way I put up a new FKT enroute... more on that later after I get all the journals up.


  1. Good editing work! Looked like a warm fun treck. Makes me walk to get out there...Thank s for sharing.

  2. I watched it three times back to back! On the computer one time, then I took your advice put it on the big screen. All I can say is WOW! It was great to see familiar places and not familiar places like the cabin with the dark log walls, still in good order unlike the old wreck homestead out of Socorro which was familiar.

    Great wildlife shots, and music and I liked the way you made it non linear in jumping from place to place like a dream.

    Thanks so much. I'm sending this on to friends and family and I'll hitch up my shorts before I shout YEA!

  3. F A N T A S T I C ! loved it, familiar places revisited, I'll look forward to the full version, though this is great just the way it is. I watched it 3 times and saw new things each time. I'll send this on to friends and family and maybe get back out on the trail soon! Thanks so much!

  4. Great work Krud - evidently your hiking career exists just to give your editing skills some original material to work with!

  5. Le Sigh! Well, that certainly got me going for the summer season. But in the meantime, I'll be embracing winter well in to May. Hi! First time poster here, with a question. Rather than research this to death, I thought I'd just ask: what do you use for your sleep system in conjunction with your WM bag and your siltarp/poncho/shelter thingy? ground sheet? bivy? what? Thanks for your help.


  6. Hello Leslie! Dig your blog too! Hey sorry I had to cut and paste your comment, but I did include your blog link above... I accidentally deleted instead of published.

    Ok, now that we got that out of the way your questions about my sleep system. I use a Mountain Laurel Designs Superlight Bivy:

    I also did a review of the bivy and my sleep system here:

    I still lay up a spinnaker ground cloth under my bivy to protect it and have something to set on during breaks. That bivy is also part of my winter system:

    Wow how is that for some info? That being said as a first time poster here, I answer all questions so keep em' coming! Take care Leslie!


  7. Thanks, Adam! Much appreciated. You've saved me a lot of time and research on the gear front. One more question on the gear front - for water, do you just use the 2 side water pockets on your MLD pack? Any special type of light/durable water bottle that fit really well in the ports? Favorite lightweight bladder?

  8. So Sick.. lovin the sound track with footage

  9. Hello Leslie,

    I strap 2 Vita Water bottles on the shoulder straps. I carry a 1 litre Aqua Fina bottle in the side pocket for additional capacity. That fits perfectly in the side pocket and I can reach it out on the go. However, they have a small mouth opening now on the Aqua Finas and I am now using Bolton Farms Vanilla Chai bottles. They are square, but fit well too and have the wide mouth which makes getting my treated water in them easier. I don't like reservoirs at all as I have found at some point they will leak. I have had 2 scary incidents over the years were I get to camp and my down sleeping bag is soaked. That is when I gave up on commercial reservoirs and bottles and went to reusing water bottles like the Vita Water or the Bolton Farms ones. That way I can recycle them as I go and always keep myself in new ones and avoid water mold to boot. Hope that helps.