Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In camp outside Carlin, NV

In camp outside Carlin, NV. The Humboldt River carves through a canyon here. Very nice weather today. Liked bombing down off Adobe Pass into Elko. Ended up blowing right thru and peddling on to Carlin. Just 15 miles west on I80. Ended up going through a tunnel outside Carlin that was sketch, but in the future I could bomb down an old road that is barricaded to vehicles, but a bike could definitely make it around and save the sketch tunnel. Heading to Eureka next. Filled up with water and have a bottle of merlot so I should make it to Austin in style. Looking forward to more lonely highway.

It was 19* when the first light touched my shelter this morning.  I couldn't believe it other than my feet where pretty cold.  I am using a very light summer bag and it is long due for a good wash.  I decided to stay put in bed until the sun was on me.

waiting for the sun
Once the sun hit the shelter though it started warming up in a hurry.  I got ready in slow motion enjoying the views to the west of the snow capped peaks.  There ended up being a ton of condensation on everything from wet ground from the past few days rain.  I put up the tarp, sleeping bag and my bike cover on the sagebrush to dry out in the sun.  My stuff was dry in about a half and hour tops.

Got the bike all situated and pedaled back out to the highway where I pointed south towards Elko.  Really nice riding this morning.  I was happy to be warming up from the effort of riding and taking in more nice views to the south.  Passed some need old ranches along the way too.

back out on the highway I pedaled away from the Humboldt River
passed some neat old ranches along this part of the highway
Outside Elko I climbed to the top of Adobe Pass.  I enjoyed bombing down this pass all the way into Elko.  Elko was a little congested and the locals didn't give me much room on the road so I stayed pretty alert and just ended up blowing right through town.  I picked up a frontage road and took that all the way to the outskirts of town before I was forced up onto I-80 where I was now heading westbound.  I-80 sounds scarier than it actually is.  There is a full lane shoulder on it and there was construction going on so the traffic was moving slower than normal.

down off Adobe Pass and into Elko... then west on I-80
I took an off ramp up to an exit in the middle of nowhere to take a small break.  I wanted to make it into Carlin, NV to do laundry this afternoon so I kept the break short.  I continued west on the highway and eventually came to a tunnel.  There was a frontage road here along the Humboldt River I should have taken, but instead I was impatient and took the shortcut through the tunnel.  Everything went fine, but inside the tunnel was huge bumps in the pavement that slowed me down quite a bit.  At one point while I was inside a semi passed me in the passing lane going close to 80MPH.  As I watched the semi go by I realized how vulnerable I was in here and vowed to take the frontage road the long way around next time.  If something went wrong in the tunnel I just wouldn't have anywhere to go.

I made Carlin shortly after the tunnel and found a coin op laundry.  Did a quick load in here and had another snack break while waiting for my clothes to dry.  After doing laundry I found my way over to the grocery store and stocked up to capacity on water.  I also picked up a tall boy of beer and a bottle of Merlot.  This next leg south out of Carlin to HWY 50 looked pretty dry so I wanted to make sure I had enough water.  I asked many folks going in and out of the store about the water situation here, but none seemed to have much knowledge of the road I was taking.  I had to pedal around town and try to bum a corkscrew of someone as I didn't want to lug the entire bottle of wine with me.  I have these nice soft sided wine containers I have been using as of late which also do a good job of preserving the wine by allowing you to squeeze all the air out of the container.  I found a nice Hispanic couple who gladly let me borrow their bottle opener.

into Carlin, then south on HWY 278
I made my way south out of town on a lonely road and eventually found a road leaving the highway down to the base of a canyon wall near the railroad tracks.  I pushed my bike down the dirt road and found a decent camp.  Lucky for me the train traffic stopped after dark too.  I got another solid camp set up and enjoyed my tall boy of beer with my dinner.

in the Duomid with my Twilights on

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