Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hanging in Virginia City

Hanging in Virginia City,and trying to catch my breath after climbing up Six Mile Canyon. Decided to short cut this way as I got tired of bucking the headwind. One more climb to the top of Geiger Summit then downhill into Reno.

That was hands down the steepest grade I climbed on the entire route!  I survived it though.  I pedaled over to a gas station and got a bottle of water just so I would have enough to get me down into Reno.  Crazy to think after 1,300 miles I am now just an hour or so away from home.  I have gone nearly full circle.

V is for Virginia City
After the brief break in VC to catch my breath it was time to pedal the rest of the way to the top of the climb up Gieger Grade.  Tons of traffic out it being a weekend and all, and of course people driving like idiots.  This road has plenty of shoulder on it, but people still need to come as close to me as possible without yielding any road.

fun bombing down Geiger Grade
Fortunately on the top I timed it good to bomb down the west side without a bunch of traffic around me.  I descended confidently spinning out my highest gear.  Again it was time to play the game of descending all the way to the bottom without using my breaks.  This time I succeeded.  I leaned the bike hard into several of the tight turns.  Good fun bombing down this steep section.

I stayed to the East of HWY 395 here following Veterans Parkway
Down at the bottom of the climb I made my way onto familiar roads that I trained on all summer.  I had a decent bike lane to follow here which was nice as it was overwhelming riding with city folks all of a sudden.  I decided to take another short cut off McCarran onto Lakeside vs climbing to the top of McCarran and bombing down Skyline back to my home.  I was feeling like I had covered plenty of miles and didn't need to throw in one additional climb.

bagged the last climb up McCarran to Skyline and took Lakeside all the way home instead
As I rolled into my driveway at home I thought back on the 1,300 miles I had just covered point to point from my front door.  Pretty crazy and I definitely know the road better than I would having drove the same route.

elevation profile for return leg from Nampa to Reno

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