Thursday, September 1, 2011

PCT unsupported Speed Record updates from Scott Williamson/ Bink

Bink heading into the Marble Mountain Wilderness PCT 2009 photo Krud
I have gotten several more updates from Scott as he is approaching the Oregon/ California border.  He has pushed through the whole knee issue thing and doing exceptionally well considering the conditions this year on trail regarding persistent snow pack.  He has been steadily a full day behind our pace, but has of recent started to make a few miles a day on his deficit.  He thinks he is up about 5-6 miles on that deficit now.  I relayed all of your supportive comments to him and he appreciates the support I am sure.  So keep them coming and definitely share the attempt with your friends!  If you missed the kick off post about Binks speed record attempt you can check it out here.  By the way if any 2011 PCT thru hikers have snapped a photo of Scott this year please email me a copy.  I will post it here at FSTPKR and make sure I give you photo credit.

August 24th
Bink is behind on his mileage.  He was dropping into Santiam Pass.  He is on our pace, camping at our sites we camped at in 2009 or a mile either side (before or after).  However, he is a full day behind our pace.  Not sure if he can make that day up.  His knee is better now.  Although he did a 6 day carry from Timberline Ski Area to Crater Lake and that was a chore.  It had been very hot.  He is dubious about making up the lost day, but maybe in the Sierra.  He mentioned that if he was doing a north bound speed record attempt he wouldn't even be to the Sierra yet and he wouldn't sweat it, so he is staying positive.  It is still early in his trip.  He was near Three Fingered Jack yesterday and there is still a ton of snow.  He encountered a mule train near there.  One of the mules started bucking and tons of Budweiser began to fly out of the mules saddle bags exploding all over the trail.  His cohorts where totally unconcerned about his safety as he almost got thrown off and down the mountainside.  The where just yelling, "you're beers Bill! Your beers!"  They where jumping down and picking up the ones unexploded and drinking the ones that where broken.

Aug 26th 5pm
Bink is doing OK.  He was approaching Willamette Pass.  He was hoping to camp on the side of Diamond Peak.  Tons of mosquitoes in the last section, he thinks everything is late this year and that is why they are still so bad.  He had some bad weather in the last section, lots of heat and humidity and even a little rain.  Electrical storms in the evening started a few fires.  He is still pulling his mileage and averaging 42.5 miles a day.  He is feeling OK, but not super strong.  He thinks he is still recovering from Washington.  He had an issue with his resupply itinerary coming into Crater Lake as he thought he would be there by 3PM.  He was going to be 30-35 miles out from there and wasn't sure he was going to make it in time.  That is going to put him 3-4 hours off schedule and he hopes he can make it up.  He ran into a ton of north bound PCT hikers.  27 total so far and 15 today.

Aug 27th
Binks shorts have blown out.  He is duct taping the rear end together.  This happened in 2009 when we where on trail together.  Don't worry he has a new pair in his Belden resupply!  He was heading up Cowhorn Mountain and it was very smoky so there must be a fire near by.  He is tired and running out of food coming into Crater Lake.

Aug 28th
Pulled some good mileage coming into Crater Lake and ended up making it there by 2:30PM.  He didn't leave there until 5PM though as he spent some time destroying the buffet.  He is still just trying to keep up with our 2009 pace.

Bink at the Oregon/ California border PCT 2009 photo Krud
Aug 31st
9:30 AM found him up near Grouse Gap behind Mt. Ashland.  He was near a cache of soda pops a trail angel puts out in this section.  He had himself a soda, part of a healthy breakfast.  His knee is completely healed at this point.  His big toe nail on his left foot is infected again, minor infection.  That is the next situation physically he is dealing with as it has been getting worse.  He has meant to have it removed for years, but just hasn't had the money for the operation.

Yesterday the weather changed drastically.  The temps dropped 20*.  It was foggy and real windy and pretty cold.  This morning he has worn his mid layer all morning climbing up from I-5.  He should be in California by late this afternoon.  Hoping to make it past Bare Ground Spring by tonight.  He has been slowly creeping up on our mileage as he needs to make up a full day.  He has maybe made about a 5-6 mile dent in his deficit.

He has run into a total of about 350 north bound PCT hikers now and many are hoping to finish by November 10th.


  1. I would really like to know what his gear list is, and what you guys both carried. This man is amazing and he inspired me to do the PCT this year.

  2. Great updates Krud. Glad his knee is better. You going to meet up for some miles through Desolation?

  3. I'll be on the JMT from 9/5 to 9/25, moving slowly. He may pass me, given how fast he is moving. If so, I'll get a photo of him and send it along. Thanks for the updates!

  4. Steve & KristenSeptember 1, 2011 at 6:45 PM

    On July 29th, 2009, we were hiking south on the PCT and a man cam flying out of the forest, that was Bink with Krud not far behind. We have never seen anyone move so fast without running! We spoke for a few minutes and then he was off to set the NOBO speed record. We often drew motivation from that encounter for the rest of our SOBO thru hike. So here is a little back for you Bink, we are pulling for you every day. Set the southbound record this year and show the pretenders what is up! Thanks for the updates Krud!

    S & K

  5. Word from the trail is that Bink made it through Seiad Valley around mid-afternoon on September 1st.

  6. Any updates? I'm hoping Scott is doing well.

  7. I have a sweet picture of me and Bink in Southern Oregon (I was hiking the PCT north) from 8/30 this year - He is such a nice guy! We talked for a while .. while he washed his legs and feet and got some water.

    What is your email?

  8. Cool Anonymous! Hey just click the photo near the bottom of the right nav bar that says Contact FSTPKR. You can email me the photo through the contact me form. Also, if you would like photo credit, let me know your name/ trail name.

    Thanks again,