Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AZT 2011 Video Part II and III

I have the last two installments of the AZT 2011 unsupported speed record videos uploaded over at You Tube. Unfortunately part 3 was blocked due to 3rd party content (music I used) contained in the video. That is the first time that has happened, but I think I have a work around by hosting it here at FSTPKR. It seems to be playing fine for me on the blog, but when I go to You Tube it is a no go. I will miss views at You Tube, but in reality my You Tube channel is really just to house my videos for use on FSTPKR. It takes a tremendous amount of time to upload videos and I am not about to figure out which song is being blocked or to re do the video. I apologize if your unable to view it in your country. If your unable to view it at FSTPKR let me know though as I am curious if everyone will be able to view it here as I am able to. I always appreciate a heads up on viewing issues so thanks for your feedback. For that reason I will only provide the link for Part II.

Also I wanted to give a huge thank you to my sponsors for making this trip possible.  Not only do they support my adventures which is crucial, but I rely on their equipment quite a bit to get me through some pretty foul weather.  As you will see in part 3 I encountered some rough weather.  I was traveling with a 9lb pack in freezing temps on the N. Kaibab and if my gear and supplements didn't treat me well I wouldn't have pulled off the speed record.  To have come so close (within 40 miles) and be defeated would have been a big blow for me.  I dug in and relied on my gear and it pulled me through.  So big thanks for making killer gear to:

Mountain Laurel Designs- 2900ci Prophet/ Superlight Bivy/ Silnylon Pro Poncho
Hammer NutritionRecoverite/ Hammer Gel/ Heed/ Perpetuem/ Hammer Bar/ Endurolytes/ Endurolytes Fizz/ Phytomax/ Tissue Rejuvenator
LEKI- Corklite AERGON SpeedLock
PETZL- Tikka XP 2/ Tikka 2
Western Mountaineering- HighLite
The StickPic
Dirty Girl Gaiters

AZT 2011 part II


  1. Hi Adam,
    I am not able to view it (living in Germany)...
    Did you ever try ?
    Anyway, awesome blog, thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Stefan. I now have re uploaded it again minus the offending music. So hopefully I can fly under the radar again. I appreciate the feedback as I didn't realize how to track this, but now I do on You Tube. If this video gets taken down (the second one) I will try one more time with creative commons music during the sponsor shout outs. That should fix the problem if it gets yanked again. Honestly though I think it was because I used the Beastie Boys - Gratitude that it got yanked as The Knife - Silent Shout is in part 2 and doesn't seem to be a problem. I was combing through old vids on you tube though and it looks like Germany is pretty hard core on the yanking/ blocking vid deal as I noticed several of my vids are blocked there and not anywhere else? Weird.

  3. Thank you Adam, but now You Tube does not allow me to watch your videos on mobile devices...
    So i switched from my ipad to my laptop and now it is playing.
    I was hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim north to south this May and it was really impressive.
    Missed some pictures in your video :)