Monday, April 25, 2011

Nice to have portable shade, lunch @ 2pm

tucking up under the umbrella to get out of the sun
Looking back towards Mt Lemmon where I camped last night
Nice to have portable shade, lunch @ 2pm. 2nd photo looking back @ Mt Lemmon and some of the desert I have traversed.

Even with a heavy pack (6 day carry) and 1.5 gallons of water I was able to keep moving and cover some good miles today.  I guess I was happy to be done with the running bit.  Around 2PM though I had to take a 30 minute break as my feet needed a sock change and my brain needed some more Endurolytes Fizz.  I prefered to stop up on a ridge top (not high elevation, but better than sitting in a arroyo today) as there was a good breeze blowing.  No shade to be found so I tucked up under my umbrella.

After lunch is was back to on again off again single track then double track.  Honestly the double track was pretty trecherous as the roads where so steep and rutted it was tough to stay on my feet on the descents.  Or out of the ruts for that matter.  I was using more of a road/ trail shoe hybrid which didn't help as the shoes didn't bite nor stop my sliding compared to the shoes I normally wear.

Walked until about 9:30PM to get to a good camp.  I wanted to wake up and be just a few miles out from the water cache the following morning.  I finally had to explode all the food out of the pack, which took a while to sort through to get to my dinners and sort out my snacks for the next day.  On this trip in particular I was doing the leave the pack packed set up, so that in the morning all I would have to do is slide my pad in and stuff my sleeping gear on top and go.  This meant only a 30 minute delay from the time I woke up to the time I got going.  Happy that I don't have to haul as much water tomorrow.

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