Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Krud @ Antelope Butte 6am

Antelope behind me
Krud @ Antelope Butte 6am. Been moving since 430am.

I was surprised at how good my cell reception was in this section!  I guess as long as I could visually make out Mt. Lemmon then I had cell.  Cruising in and out of arroyos first thing this morning.  Kept getting hit by cholla, not happy about that.  I trained myself to keep a closer eye out as I didn't want to keep messing with the cactus spines all day.

After being told by the AZT stewards for this section that there was over 20 gallons of water at the cache I was blown away to only find 3.5 quarts left.  Amazingly I still had quite a bit left from yesterdays carry.  I also was aware of the fact that there was other AZT hikers on trail behind me.  I calculated I could make it on the several quarts I had over to my next likely water source.  I used a quart of what was left just to be safe and hoped that left enough for the other hikers behind me.  Karma wise I wouldn't like someone to leave me hanging at a water cache by draining it when it wasn't necessary.

Shortly after the water cache I moved into a segment of trail called "The Boulders."  Just as I was crossing the wash I almost walked into a huge rattle snake, and it was pissed off.  I waited for it to clear the trail as it seemed to be pretty aware of me and backed out of the trail.  I almost wondered if it was a sidewinder by the way it moved, but I am not sure whether or not sidewinders live in AZ or not.

I made it to the next on trail water source which ended up being a stock trough that was fed by a pipe which tapped a spring in the rock face.  At first the water looked pretty grim, however I lifted the pipe up out of the water and there was a pretty decent flow from the pipe.  I ended up wrapping my bucket around the pipe and let it fill while I took a break (basically stuffed my face).  When I came back to my bucket it was full of clear awesome water.


  1. Yeah Adam, keep up the great work and enjoy:)

  2. I am back at work and updating the blog daily with photos from the trip and a entry from each day. I stumble on to these comments and I really appreciate them! Thanks for your support!

  3. Krud, you are one major dude. Great trek. I'm worn out just reading your blog. Adam, thanks for sharing the photos of your trip. Wow, it really brings home the incredible challenges you keep tackling. Congrats, I look forward to meeting you someday. Congrats