Monday, April 25, 2011

Gear explosion @ American Flag Ranch

Hanging in a old concrete stock tank, laundry, clean feet and watering up
Gear explosion @ American Flag Ranch. 37 mile water carry. Thanks for the on trail message of support Sirena! Ran into Trippin Ant last night.

Last night up on Oracle Ridge the winds where howling.  It sounded like a jet engine taking off several times.  I ended up walking until about 10:30PM before I found a place sheltered enough and off the road enough for my liking.  I just left my pack packed and threw down eating my left over pizza.

I was off a little late (30 minutes) for my liking this morning.  I did a nonstop down to American Flag Ranch where a trail steward had cached some water.  I was able to find it and made use of about half of the 5 gallon jug.  I had a 37 mile water carry over to the Freeman Rd Cache from here so I needed to haul 1.5 gallons.

American Flag Ranch
After getting back out on the trail I ended up walking with a couple who lived nearby.  They where out section hiking the AZT.  They would come out and day hike different sections of the trail.  I was pretty impressed as the one fellow had had MS recently and had been confined to a wheelchair.

There where some new sections of trail in here getting over to Tiger Mine trailhead which made it much easier than I remembered in 2007.  Someone had also left water jugs at the Tiger Mine trailhead so I topped off here again.  Then it was back out into the low desert for a rolling trail, up and down and around every wash.

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