Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Walking the Line

Walking the Line

Is it possible to mourn the impacts of new alternative energy projects while celebrating the benefits they will have for future generations?

The Southwest Intertie Project, known as the SWIP line is proposed 501-mile, 500 kilovolt transmission line running between southern Idaho and the outskirts of Las Vegas, it's the perfect vision for moving wind and solar power from the vast expanses of upper states where it is generated down to the Southwest urban centers where it is needed.

Enter Adam Bradley, a record breaking "thru-hiker". His athleticism and experience make him the perfect candidate to walk the entire 501-mile SWIP line corridor and to report on his experiences. The Nevada Wilderness Project seizes upon this opportunity, following Adam as he takes the "SWIP Trip."

As the journey unfolds, it becomes apparent that Adam is far more than just an accomplished athlete; his thoughtful insights put a human face on a complicated issue. We all want and need renewable energy, but are we ready for the consequences?

So the film of the SWIP Trip is finished and I really like how it turned out.  It has also been accepted in the Wild & Scenic Fim Festival for 2011!  The film will be shown twice in Nevada City on Friday evening and Saturday morning January 14th and 15th.  This film festival also tours around so you may be able to catch it in your neck of the woods.  I also really dig the music in it, kind of ambient!  Right up Krudmeisters alley!