Monday, November 15, 2010

Tahoe Rim Ski Tour Part I & II

2010 Tahoe Rim Ski Tour Part I

2010 Tahoe Rim Ski Tour Part II 

So I got the first couple installments of the 2010 Tahoe Rim Ski Tour documentary up on youtube.  I will probably be able to get it in 4 more installments.  I showed this film to the Tahoe Rim Trail Association for the annual meeting at Northstar at Tahoe.  Honestly the film gets me excited for ski touring this coming winter.  We just need way more snow before I can get going on that.  Probably need to snowshoe a few weekends first anyway.  Looks like I will be heading up to Alaska in the early spring for a long ski tour.  Looking forward to that next as far as multi day trips go.  Hope to get out at least every other weekend this winter around Lake Tahoe.

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