Monday, October 11, 2010

Fastpacking the Crest Part III & IV

Fastpacking the Crest Part III

Fastpacking the Crest Part IV

Two more installments of Fastpacking the Crest are up!  Should be able to wrap it up in 6 parts.  Might be able to get the last two installments up in a couple weeks.  Heading out of town for a few thus the delay on the last two episodes.


  1. Hey Adam, Video's are looking great. Definitely inspiring me to get over there on the PCT. Nice work man.
    Regards, Dan.

  2. Great videos man. Made me want to get back out there! Looking forward to the final installments when you get time.

  3. Glad your digging the vids guys! I hope to have the last 2 installments up this weekend (it takes almost a whole day per 10 minute vid to upload to you tube!). The idea was to inspire for sure. I have gotten a surprising response out of people regarding this film in particular. It is kind of like your baby when you share it with others. You want the best for it, so I was nervous at first. However now I think I have a good recipe with music etc so I am going to keep working in the film format for sure! Definitely share them too!